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Johnson’s Sausage Shoppe produces properly aged and prepared meats to delight your taste buds. Every one of our meat products are made in house and we use “old school” practices to bring back the flavor that’s been lost with mass-produced factory meats. Old-world influences and modern practices combine in our shoppe to produce incredible meats and sausages with amazing flavors.

When we say, Buy Local, Eat Fresh we are talking about our commitment to buying animals from within 75 miles of our shoppe, buying whole animals instead of boxed meat, buying from small farmers instead of large agribusiness enterprises.

We are dedicated to the revival of responsibility and awareness in meat consumption and to enthusiastic appreciation for flavor and quality. We’re into buying local for three main reasons, quality, taste, and locally raised meats are more sustainable.

Come in and enjoy our steaks and chops, dried and smoked meats, sausages and bacon, world-renowned jerky, cheeses, and much more.